Cute Name Tag Ideas for a Ladies' Night Out

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Whether your ladies' night takes place at a baseball game, a race track or at a mall, having everyone wear an adorable name tag creates a sense of community and shared delight in the tags. What's more, name tags help everyone find other members if your event takes place in an area crowded with other women. If you have a gathering before heading out, let the women decorate parts of the name tags, adding another element to their charm.

Use Fun Shapes

If your ladies' night out event involves an activity such as shopping, play on that theme for the name tags. For example, cut the tags into shoe, purse, dress or hat shapes. If time allows, let the women decorate their tags with sequins and glitter pens. Or use a clothing accessory itself, such as a necklace or broach and attach an adhesive name label onto the item by simply folding it over the edge of the jewelry.

Copy Feminine Colors and Scripts

Replicate time-tested ideas for name tags your members will love. The Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce in Washington State uses the pink shades of a famous retailer in both stripes and circles for their "Girls' Night Out" motif. And the Olympia Downtown Association, also in Washington, uses a font with lots of curlicues. If your event is held somewhere with a cute logo, such as hearts, puppies or cheesecake, use that logo as the theme for the name tags.

Show the Night's Activities

Use a picture that represents the event venue on the name tags or for the shape of the tag. For example, name tags for an event at a Mexican restaurant might resemble sombreros, and the tags for a dinner at an upscale restaurant can depict a martini glass, as the ones for a ladies' night out sponsored by Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. For a baseball night out, include a drawing of a player swinging a bat or a cup of beer with your team's logo.

Make Them Scented

No matter what kind of name tags you choose, give them personality by applying a fragrance -- each woman can use the tag later to scent drawers or closets. Before the event, ask each woman to bring a bottle of her favorite perfume for the name tags if she would like -- also let everyone know that you will provide some scents too. Provide scented extracts such as vanilla, peppermint and orange for the women to apply with cotton balls.