Theme Ideas for a Ladies' Day

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From tea to golfing, a ladies's day is a way for girlfriends to hang out while escaping from the daily stresses of life. Activities during this day can range from the intense to the relaxing. Making use of local areas and sights can be incorporated in to the day, or even just yours or a friend's house. Themes can be incorporated to spice up the day. A ladies' day can also be the means of bringing a large group of women together, such as from a church body or local club.


Having a small fashion show at a friend's house or local hall, and holding a clothing swap is a fun way to spend a ladies' day. Local clothing businesses can be asked to provide clothes, and even models, to show off to the women. Have the fashionista's of the group bring clothing that can be exchanged for other items or sold. Make it a further challenge by incorporating a theme within a theme. For example, the clothes must all be pink to honor breast cancer awareness; or animal prints to raise money for the local wildlife center or animal shelter. Have the attendees pay a small fee for each item of clothing they purchase, then donate the money to charity.


Planning a theme day around beauty is a means of grouping women together for a relaxing experience. Host a spa day either at your house or at a local spa. If you have it at your house, contact a local vocational-technical school and hire an esthetician, costmetologist and masseuse for the day. Purchase skin treatments, sugar scrubs and materials for manicures and pedicures, or have those attending bring one thing that is needed. Provide towels to guests and play relaxing music. Having small snacks or treats, such as chocolate truffles, also adds to the mood.

Only Love

Group all your friends together and celebrate a day of love. Have everyone wear pink or red and host a romantic afternoon. Treat your women friends as if you are all are on a date. Go to an expensive restaurant, order wine and dessert, then it's off to a movie for you and your ladies group. Or simulate dinner and a movie at your home, have it catered or make it a pot luck. Choose a "chick flick" that everyone can enjoy.

Games Day

Have a games-themed ladies' day at yours, or a friend's house. Provide standard games, such as bridge, backgammon, and poker; or choose board games or video games such as those for the Wii. Games can even be played for small prizes to add spice to the day. The day can be casino themed, with everyone dressing up a bit, and enlisting friends outside the group to be dealers at tables. Or you can outfit your game room with snacks, cold beer and sodas, and play outrageous Wii games such as Dance Party or Rock Band.