Recognition Theme Ideas

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Your employees and volunteers work so hard during year, giving of themselves and their time. Recognize their hard work with a themed event or activity to demonstrate your respect and appreciation. A well-chosen theme sets the tone for the event and shows that you went the extra mile for them.

The World

Use the world as a theme with titles such as "Volunteers Make a World of Difference" or "A World of Thanks" to incorporate diversity into your program. Attendees can wear clothes representing their own heritage. Decorations can include globe balloons and prints from around the world. Serve a luncheon or dinner buffet featuring ethnic cuisine, such as a stir-fry counter, an Italian pasta bar, French dessert area and an American barbecue station. Table centerpieces and door prizes continue the theme, offering molded chocolates and gifts made in other countries. For background entertainment, play music from around the world along with a slide show of travel destinations.

A Treasure

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Show your employees or volunteers how much you value them with a “You Are a Treasure” themed event. Decorate tables with small treasure chests filled with gold coin candy and costume jewelry, available at discount stores. Print invitations on a scroll, and include pictures of a treasure map and treasure chest. Hold the event at a local seafood restaurant with pirate ship and treasure chest decorations already in place. Goody bags and door prizes can be placed in a larger treasure chest, and can include gift certificates to local businesses for dinners, movies, manicures and car washes.

A Million Bucks

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Scan a toy $1,000,000 bill, making as many personalized changes as you are able to on your computer. For example, delete “United States of America” and add the name of your company or organization. Add a photo of each worker to the center of the bill along with his name. Print copies of the bill in actual bill size of each worker. Give each worker his own copy, and make a poster with the rest, titled, “Thanks a Million!” to hang in the main office.

Royalty For a Day

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Give your staff the royal treatment for a day to show your appreciation. Roll out a red carpet to the building entrance and put up a sign that says, “King-or-Queen-For-A-Day.” Make golden crowns out of paper plates and card stock, and decorate them with each staff member’s name. Fill the crowns with special goodies to enjoy throughout the day at work. Include items such as candy, chocolate, cookies, tea and hot chocolate packets. Other items to place in the crowns are thank you cards and gift certificates.