Grammy's Themed Party Ideas

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The Grammy is a trademarked award recognizing outstanding achievements in the recording industry through the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science. The televised awards show offers live performances each year from both top stars of the day as well as music-industry legends. Gather your fellow music fans together for a Grammy-theme party as memorable as the broadcast itself.

Invitations and Attire

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Treat guests like rock stars and send out backstage laminates as invitations. There are businesses online that produce these professionally for you, but they are easy to make yourself. Using an image of the Grammy award, announce your party, location, date and time on the front. On the back, give dress code details and any other information needed. Print everything on index-card sized paper and laminate. Punch a hole through the top and attach a lanyard. As for that dress code, go formal and invite guests to dress as if they were attending the awards ceremony in full rock-star formal attire.

Decor and Party Favors

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Decorate for music's biggest night with the award show's color scheme of black and gold. White makes for a nice contrast color. If you are musical yourself, put your instruments on display. Black and gold plates, cups, utensils and napkins set the table in style. Use black and gold balloons, streamers and glitter to accent your party room. Look for an old gramophone at thrift or antique stores for the perfect centerpiece. Spray paint old records gold and platinum and display them around the house. Place photos or cardboard cutouts of this year's nominees throughout the house. Run a red carpet leading up to your front door to greet guests in style. For party favors, decorate a black gift bag with gold ribbon and fill it with musical themed treats such as kazoos, shaker eggs or whistle pops. Go the extra mile and include this year's official Grammy nominees compilation CD and gift cards for free music downloads.

Food and Drink

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Take a look at this year's list of Grammy nominated acts and try to think of clever menu and drink items you could name after them. Set up a buffet of appetizers and desserts with labels such as Beyonsmores, Maroon Five Bean Dip and anything clever. Pick up black paper top hats at a party supply store and fill them with chips and popcorn to place around the viewing area. For drinks, again play on the nominees with a few specialty drink options such as the Bruno Marstini or a Sex on the Beach Boys shot. Since you have your guests to dress themselves to the nines, serving champagne is appropriate.

Activities and Games

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Assemble prizes to give away for games to be played around the Grammy broadcast. Pick up CDs or LPs of the nominees, or visit a candy maker in advance and ask for some chocolate Grammy awards to made for the occasion. Award a prize to the best dressed to start off the games. Have your guests fill out ballots and award a prize to whomever guesses the most winners correctly. Use the Internet to come up with lesser known names of musicians in famous bands and write them on index cards with the band's name on the back. Put all of the cards into a bag and during commercials, have someone pick a card. The rest of the party can guess the band's moniker based on the musician's name. If someone guesses correctly, give her a prize. If nobody does, read the answer from the back of the card and wait for the next commercial break to play again. If you have a musically talented friend who is willing to do so, ask her to play acoustic covers of nominated songs throughout the evening around the broadcast.

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