Ideas for Birthday Gifts for a 60-Year-Old Female

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A 60-year-old woman may have experienced a lot of life, but she's still got plenty more to go. On her birthday, honor her with gifts that bestow experiences, personal growth and knowledge, rather than simply giving her more "stuff." Celebrate the woman she is and the years that still await.


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Remind the birthday lady that staying active could add more great years to her life. Get her a gym membership. Sign her up for a senior yoga or Pilates class. If she prefers to exercise alone, give her a gift certificate to a large sporting goods store, where she can outfit herself and buy fitness equipment. Or, find a personal trainer that specializes in senior fitness and buy the birthday lady several classes. You could also sign her up for a senior softball league or walking club.

Food and Drink

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Sign her up for an cooking class on exotic cuisine. Get her a membership in a wine- or cheese-of-the-month club so that she can try something new every month. Hire a professional chef to give her and her significant other an at-home date night; the chef will prepare a gourmet meal in her kitchen while she relaxes. If she doesn't like to cook (and you do), give her a cooking coupon book. Every coupon is good for one evening of you coming over to cook for her and a friend.

Out and About

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Tell her to choose a few close friends, then rent a limousine to take them all to dinner on you. Or, get out a map and plan a road trip together to a place she's always wanted to see. If she's craving quality time with her partner, pay for them to spend a weekend together at a bed and breakfast. If it's relaxation she needs, tell her to pick a Saturday in her birthday month and designate that day all hers. Take her shopping, get her a few hours at the spa, treat her to lunch and take in a funny movie together.


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If she's a movie buff, sign her up for the biggest premium cable package available and pay the difference for a year. Or, sign her up for an online movie or book rental service; she can try new ones all the time without accumulating more clutter. You could also buy her an e-reader so that she can download books, or purchase a motion-activated video game console and some games. She can play golf or go bowling without ever leaving the house.