Birthday Gifts for Two Year Old Boys

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Two year olds may not be old enough to appreciate the meaning and sentiment behind a birthday gift, but they are delighted by presents--especially new toys--all the same. There is a wide variety of educational toys targeted specifically toward toddlers (children 1 to 3) that develop and stimulate skills during play. Whether buying a present for your son, nephew or grandson or another little guy in your life, research thoroughly to purchase age-appropriate gifts that are safe, educational and fun.

Soft Stuffed Toys

Give a soft toy to an energetic 2-year-old boy prone to injury. These toys come in a wide array of shapes and forms including balls, which most boys love. Consider a soft football or basketball for a sports fan to minimize risk of injury in case of an accident and reduce damage in case the toddler throws it on a window or table. Soft toys in animal shapes also make the perfect gift for a 2 year old because they are easy to hold and carry around.

Hard Toys

Give the 2 year old who loves to mimic his parents, siblings or even animals’ the appropriate toys or props to make play more entertaining and realistic. For instance, the child who likes to play doctor will appreciate a toy doctor’s set complete with a toy syringe, stethoscope, bandages and other medical supplies. Give a gardening set with gardening tools to the boy who likes to play in the dirt, or toy tool box comprised of different tools for the pretend constructor or mechanic. A toy easel with art supplies that include washable, non-toxic finger paints, markers and crayons is suitable for the 2-year-old boy who likes to draw and paint.

Other educational toys suitable for a 2-year-old boy include large blocks, Lego sets, construction or wooden blocks and pull toys.

Give the 2 year old a set of toy cars, trucks or trains for guaranteed hours of entertainment, or a tiny bicycle, tricycle or a child-sized car to play with and expend energy during outdoor play. These toys also build gross-motor skills.

Musical Books

A 2-year-old boy is inquisitive about his surroundings, so give him a book with pictures about different scenes. Musical books with lights and sounds will capture his attention and develop the habit of reading from an early stage.

Pop-up musical books are another favorite with young children. Look for educational books that familiarize a child with numbers, shapes, concepts, alphabets, colors, animals, body parts or common words. Not only do such books capture the child’s attention, they are also educational.

Give easy-to-hold puzzles to a 2-year-old boy so he can solve it on his own. Puzzles are brain teasers that develop conceptual skills. Purchase easy ones with large pieces as opposed to complex puzzles comprised of many intricate pieces.


Give a 2 year old a set of clothing as a birthday gift. Purchase a slightly bigger size so he can get more wear out of it. Clothes that feature popular cartoon characters are popular with toddlers.