Gifts for a First Birthday From Grandparents

First birthdays provide grandparents with the opportunity to surprise their grandkids with unforgettable gifts. Although choosing just the right gift for your “big man” or “little pumpkin” can seem nerve-wracking, getting worked into a frenzy in the toy aisle isn’t necessary. Avoid turning gift giving into a competitive event or letting price tags indicate the worthiness of potential gifts. Choosing a suitable present becomes easier if you remember that your gift should simply come from your open heart.

Push Toys

One-year-olds are curious about the world around them and enjoy exploring it. Giving one-year-olds gifts that aide in their “research” endeavors can help nurture their curiosity in constructive ways .Providing a push toy such as a dump truck or wagon can give your grandchild something to put his “findings” inside. These toys can also aide in his physical development by providing extra support as he walks alongside or behind them.


Giving a one-year-old her own playhouse can inspire smiles and excitement. Playhouses are available in a variety of styles and can be used for indoor or outdoor play. Choosing just one playhouse from among the many workshops, barns and dream houses may be the hardest part. Investing in a playhouse can make future gift opportunities easier because “upgrading” a playhouse is always acceptable. Consider purchasing a treehouse or jungle gym version to encourage outdoor play throughout the toddler years.

Musical Instruments

One-year-olds enjoy making noise, so providing them with musical instruments just seems like the right thing to do. Sure, it may inspire distressed looks from their parents, but being a grandparent allows certain benefits. Instruments such as keyboards, tambourines and maracas make suitable presents for young children. Besides just being “noise makers” these toys help develop hand-eye coordination and rhythm skills. Seek out age-appropriate toys with features such as lights for maximum enjoyment.

Classic Toys

Although the toy aisle is crowded with interesting new offerings, you can’t go wrong if you stick to classic toys. For example, building blocks and wooden puzzles still teach toddlers concentration and help develop motor skills. Wagons still provide storage and pulling fun, while rocking chairs still inspire one-year-olds to rock away their troubles. Base your ultimate selection on the personality and playing habits of your grandchild. Avoid thinking of your grandchildren as carbon copies of their parents.