Gifts for a Zumba Instructor

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If you appreciate the effort your Zumba instructor puts into making the classes enjoyable for everyone, you may want to give her a gift to show your appreciation. Appropriate gifts for a Zumba instructor include those which are practical and loosely tied into Zumba and fitness. Choose a gift that you know your hardworking instructor can get some use out of both in and out of class.

Music Matters

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There is a good chance your Zumba instructor loves music, which makes this a great gift for a holiday, special occasion or just to say "thank you." The music gift can be inexpensive such as a gift card to a music store or an iTunes card, or more expensive such as an MP3 player. There are also accessories in the same category; get him a dock to hold his MP3 player during class, or a set of portable speakers he can use at home as he plans a Zumba routine.

Appropriate Apparel

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Apparel is an ideal gift for a Zumba instructor, if you know her size. This may include workout clothes for class or general aerobic gear or shoes. Put together a gift bag for her that includes a workout outfit, socks, shoes or gift card to a local fitness store. Zumba-labeled apparel and accessories would also be perfect for class.

Suitable Snacks

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Give your Zumba instructor a satisfying gift such as food, drinks or a combination of both. If he is health-conscious, get him a blender to make smoothies, a gift card to a local healthy restaurant or a gift basket filled with organic fruits. If you think he would enjoy a treat, give him a selection of truffles, crackers with gourmet cheese or homemade baked goods.

Pampering Gifts

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Zumba is a high-impact fitness and dance routine that no doubt gives your instructor stiff and sore muscles after class. Show your gratitude by offering her a gift that will pamper those sore muscles. This may be a gift certificate to a local spa for a massage, a basket of bath oils, salts and bubble bath, a loofah, back massager or collection of scented aromatherapy candles.

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