Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Boys

The age of 18 generally marks the time when a young man graduates from high school and enters the workforce or college. It's important to keep this in mind when coming up with gift ideas for 18 year old boys. Regardless of whether the gift is for graduation, a birthday or just to commemorate a sentimental moment, with a little consideration it will be easy to find a gift he will love.


Teen guys tend to love gadgets, and when they hit 18, there are several on the market that can be particularly useful and/or entertaining to them. When thinking about which gadget would best suit his needs, consider his hobbies, interests and also which gadget would make his life easier.

For example, suggests giving young adult men a vibrating alarm clock that not only sounds off at the appropriate time, but literally can shake a sleepy guy awake. This can be very useful for 18-year-olds who are entering their first year of college and have a tough time getting up for early morning classes.

In addition, palm-sized or mini DVD players are cool gadget gift ideas for young guys who like to travel and get bored sitting on the plane.

Apple's IPad is also a cool gift idea for 18-year-old guys. It functions as a mini laptop and is easy to carry around and travel with.

Gift Cards

When you're stumped about what to get him as a gift, a gift card is a great idea. This takes the pressure off of you in terms of finding the perfect present, and allows him to get something that he really wants.

Consider his interests and where he likes to shop when picking up gift cards. For example, if he loves to buy clothes from a specific store in the mall, get a gift card from there. Or, if he is a movie buff, pick up a gift card or certificate that entitles him to a few free movie passes and treats from the concession stand.

If he's heading off to college, giving him a gift certificate from a department store like Target or Walmart can be particularly valuable as he picks up supplies for classes and his dorm room.

Choose a gift certificate in an amount you can afford. If you have it in your budget to give a gift certificate that amounts to $50 - $100, that is fantastic. But, if you can only afford a gift card that ranges from $10-$25, that is fine as well.

DVDs and Popcorn

Regardless of whether he is a movie buff or just has a few favorite films, surprise him with a DVD and popcorn gift set. In order to do this, head to a video store and choose a few newly released films that fall into the genre that he tends to like, such as comedy or action. Then, head to a gourmet store or cooking supply store and pick up a bag of gourmet popcorn and a special seasoning if it's available.

Place the gourmet popcorn and DVDs in a nice gift bag and add a card for the occasion.