How to Word Birthday Invitations for a Five Year Old

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As your child approaches his fifth birthday, he’s old enough to look forward to the big day with major anticipation. If a party is part of the plan, the invitations should fit the theme. Fancy and elaborate isn’t necessary – clever or cute prose would be ideal, though. Whether it’s ballerinas or basketball, get the birthday kid’s help to choose just the right wording for the invitations. With the right tone, the birthday festivities will be a hit.

Step 1

Create a jazzy rhyme that fits a pool party for the birthday kid. For example, bring the excitement of a pool party alive in the invitations with a rhyme like: “It’s a pool party for Justin! Come take a dive! Our big birthday boy is turning 5!”

Step 2

Invent an enchanting rhyme that fits a tea party for a birthday girl. For example, the tea party theme will carry through in an invitation with wording that says, “A tea party for Josie! The time has arrived. Our little birthday princess is turning 5!”

Step 3

Spread the word about a dance party for your 5-year-old and create a birthday invitations with a dance theme. For example, the invitation rhyme might say, "It's a dance party for Sarah! She's ready to jive! This birthday party girl is going to be 5!"

Step 4

Compose a general birthday invitation for a party without a special theme. Even a standard birthday party still needs clever and original invitation wording showing plenty of imagination. Your rhyme might say, "It's birthday time! We hope you'll arrive. In time to help Carter ... celebrate 5!"