Rock N Roll Theme Party Ideas

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A rock 'n' roll party theme works well for guests of any age. Whether you focus on the rock music from a particular decade or keep it general, make your guests feel like rock stars themselves. Incorporating the theme throughout the party with an attention to detail is the key to creating a vibrant party environment for your guests.

Tickets and Backstage Passes

Invitations are your chance to make a great first impression on your guests. Use homemade rock-themed invitations to set the party off on the right note. A simple ticket design is ideal for a rock party. Tell your guests to bring the ticket invitations along with them to get in the door. If you want something more elaborate, send a backstage pass along with the ticket invitations. A simple square of craft foam or card stock works well as the base of the backstage pass. Add a lanyard or long piece of string so your guests can wear them around their necks. Add pictures of your guests to the backstage passes for an extra touch.

Rock 'n' Roll Costumes

A costume element to the rock party contributes to the overall party ambiance. Include a note in the invitations asking the guests to come dressed in their best rock gear. This might include dressing up as a popular rock 'n' roller or wearing general rock-themed clothes. Depending on the age of your guests and any guardians' preferences, you can also have a rock star prep area where your guests can don temporary spray hair color, temporary tattoos and body glitter. Have a party competition for the best costume, in which the guests model their rock costumes. Crown a winner in one or more categories, such as most creative costume, best impersonation or funniest costume.


A stage area is a simple but sophisticated decoration for any rock 'n roll party. A curtain or sheet hung behind the area defines the stage space. Use small cardboard boxes or large blocks to define the edges of the stage. Colored spotlights, a toy microphone or a disco ball above the stage adds to the decor. Snap pictures of your guests on stage for the complete star treatment.

Singing Contest

A singing competition is a fun option for a rock party. A child's karaoke machine works well for the competition and allows guests to sing along to their favorite tunes. Choose one person as the judge or let guests vote (but not for themselves!). If you don't have access to a karaoke machine, do a lip sync competition.

Concert Food

The party menu for a rock theme is flexible, but stick with foods that guests will enjoy. To create a rock concert feeling, serve foods that you would typically see at a concession stand at a concert. This might include chicken strips, pizza, nachos and popcorn. Cardboard food containers such as the ones you might find at concession stands add authenticity.

Guitar Cake

A guitar-shaped cake is ideal for a rock party. Buy a guitar-shaped cake pan if you want to make your own cake, or cut a sheet cake into a guitar shape. Use frosting to add decorations. Licorice strings work well as guitar strings.