40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Sister

happy birthday image by Deborah Durbin from Fotolia.com

A 40th birthday is a milestone. When it is your sister celebrating this important birthday, you want to give her a gift that is appropriate for the occasion. Whether your budget is large or small, there is a gift that is the perfect way to mark this special day.

Forty Things

A fun way to celebrate your sister's 40th birthday is by giving her a gift of 40 items. For example, you could give her 40 expensive truffles, 40 stamps for her collection, 40 hours of free babysitting or any other collection of items that would suit her taste. Another option is to work with other family members and friends to be sure that she will have 40 gifts to open at her party.

Memory Lane

Assemble photographs of your sister throughout the years. If you can, find one photo from each year. If that is not possible choose a selection that shows her growing and changing through the years. Put the photos in a collage style frame or have them professionally mounted and framed.

Include photos from other milestones in her life such as past birthdays, her wedding day and the birth of her children. Add an engraved plate with your well wishes and you will have a very special and meaningful gift to give to your sister on her 40th birthday.

Old Time Candy

There are online retailers that sell candy based on the decade in which one grew up. They want their customers to be able to relive their childhood by tasting all of the candy they enjoyed when they were children. Each box includes several types of candy that was popular during the selected decade. Choose a two or four pound assortment.

Art Work

If your sister enjoys fine art, consider giving her a painting or sculpture that was created in the year that she was born. If you are not familiar with how to buy art, visit local galleries, auctions and antique dealers. You should start your search early. Since you are looking for something from a certain year, it might take a bit longer to find the perfect piece.