51st Birthday Gift Ideas

american Mail box and freeway sign image by Ashle Whittle from Fotolia.com

After the milestone of the 50th birthday, it's easy for the 51st celebration to be a bit of a letdown. But it doesn't have to be. They've made it past the half-century mark, and they still have plenty to celebrate. Finding a perfect gift for a 51-year-old can not only brighten his day, but it shows him how much you care.

Remembering the 50th Celebration

If you had a big party for the birthday man or woman last year, you could put the memories into a scrapbook or video. Take the footage from the party and upload it to your computer. Edit it down to five or 10 minutes, selecting the most memorable moments. Set it to music. Or compile all the photos you can find of the birthday man, from birth to his 50th birthday party. Show his entire life in a photo album or a video, highlighting the best memories.


If the 51-year-old enjoys art, research local museums to find a retrospective of works created 51 years ago. It's pretty specific, so you might have to settle for artwork from 40 to 60 years ago. Give a gift certificate or take the birthday man to the museum and make a day of it. Many art museums have a restaurant inside or nearby. For those willing to spend a little more, purchase an original piece from the birthday man's favorite artist, created around the time of his birth. Or simply purchase a book of art photography, covering the year of his birth. You could include a note which reads, "Here are some other masterpieces created 51 years ago."


For coin collectors, gather as many coins as you can find minted 51 years ago. Put them in a coin book and write a personalized note. For sports lovers, you could find baseball cards from 51 years ago. Try to find cards of the sports lover's favorite players. Or give him a throwback jersey from his favorite team. You could give a book lover a 1st edition book from the year she was born. Rare bookstores often carry some first editions that are even signed. You could also give a bottle of wine from the year the birthday woman was born.


Purchase films from the year of the birthday woman's birth year, or purchase one movie from each decade she has been alive. You could do the same for music albums. If you live in another state, you could give them video equipment to allow you to talk and see each other over the Internet. That way they can see their kids and grandchildren, who might not be able to make it out for the 51st birthday.