65th Birthday Present Idea

You may find it challenging to select the right present for someone's 65th birthday. At that age, you may surmise the person has everything she needs or wants. However, there are some ideal presents you can give to someone turning 65. Since that is also a common retirement age, you could even tailor your birthday present around her retirement plans.

Family Photographs

For someone turning 65, a family photograph may be a heartwarming present idea. Typically by this age, your recipient may be a grandparent (or even a great-grandparent). Get all of the family together for a large group family photo sometime before the birthday. Then blow up the picture to an 8-by-10 and give it as a birthday present in a nice frame.

If the family is exceptionally large, another idea is to get a large frame that holds several photos; have the centerpiece photo be of the entire family, and then have smaller photos of the individual family units. If you prefer to keep it digital, you could opt for a digital photo frame that has a slide show capability and put several family pictures, with various groupings, on it.

R & R: Retirement and Relaxation

If retirement is on the horizon, you can give the 65-year-old a retirement-related present. If you know that travel is an interest, you could opt for a book like “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” or a travel guide specific to a country or a location of interest to the birthday guy. If you do not mind spending a lot, or if you want to go in on a large gift with others, tickets for a cruise make an enjoyable, exciting birthday present for someone turning 65.

Gardening gift baskets also are a useful retirement-related gift for someone turning 65. Gourmet Gift Baskets (see Resources) offers several different gardening gift baskets. Or if you would prefer to give a plant instead, for which the person can care, you can choose something like the Cactus Garden or Blue Hydrangea from Gourmet Gift Baskets. You also can purchase live plants at garden supply stores or home improvement stores such as Lowe's.


Do some research by asking others what kind of music was popular when the person was a kid. Some places, such as Over the Hill Gifts, have compilation CDs of popular music of past years that you can give as birthday gifts. If you can't find a compilation, you could download music from iTunes (if it is available) and make a CD of your own. Over the Hill Gifts also sells DVDs and booklets that show what was going on the year you were born. If there is a Cracker Barrel restaurant near you, these items also may be available in its Country Store.