Great Gifts for Someone Turning 30

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Turning 30 is a huge milestone and a birthday that can cause a little bit of stress. It is a time when a lot of people start to look at their lives, what they've accomplished and really buckle down on a strategy to attain the goals they haven't yet reached. As a result, celebrating a 30th birthday in a big way can help people take their minds off of what comes along with that age. Gifts for a 30-year-old should reflect the significance of that birthday as well.


Show the birthday boy or girl that like a fine wine, he or she only gets better with age. Give them a special bottle of their favorite type of wine and include a nifty, wine gadget such as an automated wine chiller or automatic wine corking device. If you have room in your budget, also include a set of nice wine glasses.

Feel free to include a note about that famous wine cliche in the gift so that they understand the meaning behind it. This can be a great counteractive gift to presents the birthday girl or guy may receive that have an unappealing "over the hill" theme.

Gifts from Their Birth Year

Commemorate the year of their birth with a basket full of things from that year. Do a little bit of research to find out who the president was that year, what people were wearing that year, what music artists were popular, etc. and compile a birthday bag of stuff that relates to that.

For example, a bottle of vintage wine from the year that the birthday person was born, or give them a small collection of record, CDs, cassette tapes, etc. from artists who had No. 1 hits that year. Including movies that were big that year are also a good option.

30 Trinkets

Celebrate the person's 30th birthday with 30 small trinkets or gifts. This can be something as simple as 30 mini cupcakes or mini cookies, or whatever type of sweet snack the person enjoys. Or, giving them 30 dollar bills, 30 mini packs of their favorite coffee, or gift certificates in $30 dollar increments are also a great idea.

When choosing gift certificates, be sure to give gift certificates to places that they love to shop or for things that they like to do. For example, gift certificates to their favorite restaurant or to a movie theater are good birthday gifts for a person turning 30.

Past, Present and Future Rings

If your girlfriend or wife is turning 30, consider getting her a past, present and future ring. According to, this is not only a special way to make her feel like a queen on her 30th, but it's also easy to find as well. The site recommends heading to generally any jewelry store to find that type of ring, which comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges.