Gift Ideas for a 35th Birthday

Turning 35 is monumental for many people; 40 is near, but the 20s are fading fast into the distance. And perspectives change - growing up no longer takes forever, but rather acceptance that growing old does in fact happen. So give a gift that reflects who they are now, but also give a gift to remind them of who they once were.

Music From High School

Turning 35 means over a decade and a half has passed since high school, the social highlight of many of our lives. And what 30-something-year-old doesn't hear a song from way back when and long to remember those years of freedom? Music is very popular among teenagers, and even years later the songs are still special. So give your friend or loved one who is turning 35 a CD with the best of the 80s or 90s, a collection of the "monster ballads" by big "hair bands," or an iTunes gift card so they can download their own music.

Weekend Away From Kids

There is a lot going on in the lives of anyone who is turning 35. Chances are, they are in the midst of getting a career up and going, finding and buying the perfect house, and raising young children. Which means a weekend away from it all would be very well received, especially if it is given as a birthday gift! Find a place that is not too far away from their home by car or plane since it is only for a weekend; they won't want to spend the entire time traveling. Choose a place that reflects the personality of the birthday person, which means if your birthday girl or boy hates bugs and dirt, do not send them camping. Spas or bed and breakfasts are good options for a weekend getaway and are very relaxing. For more ideas on weekend getaways, see the reference below.


Birthstones are always a great idea for birthday gifts, but for someone who is turning 35, how you give them is what counts. For him, have his birthstone set into a tie pin or cuff links - something that he can wear to the office. For her, have her birthstone set into a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, or pendant. And to make the gift a little more special, you can give both him or her jewelry with the birthstones of their children.