54th Birthday Gift Ideas

middle aged couple playing image by Brett Mulcahy from Fotolia.com

Celebrating a 54th birthday is a special occasion. There are lots of gift ideas that say “we appreciate you” and “we love you.” Depending on who the present is for, gift ideas will vary. Do some investigating and find out what the celebrant's passions are. Does he have hobbies? Is he a sports fan? Does she have a favorite store? All that information will help you chose the perfect gift.

Personalized Birthday Wine

A personalized bottle of birthday wine is a fun gift for the wine lover in your life. The bottle of wine includes a custom message for the birthday celebrant. The personal message can say anything from “Happy Birthday!” to “I love you” on the bottle.

Gift Card

Gift cards are the perfect present because they allow the recipient to choose their own gift. This is where your reconnaissance pays off. If the birthday celebrant has a favorite store or hobby, get them a gift card that corresponds. For example, if he's a big reader, a gift card from book store will go over well. If she's a music lover and constantly has her MP3 ear buds on, a gift card for music downloads will be a hit.


Giving jewelry such as a heart-shaped pendant necklace or a diamond tennis bracelet are great ideas to show appreciation and love for someone as well as providing thoughtful meaningful memories.


A getaway is the perfect gift to give so the celebrant can relax and take some time away from their busy schedules. Trips to the Bahamas, Jamaica or Maui are great getaway spots. However, if those are out of your budget range, consider a nearby resort, such as a golf getaway, or maybe a weekend in Branson, Mo., or to Las Vegas. Again, knowing the celebrant's likes and dislikes can help you choose.

The Ultimate Birthday Book

Celebrating a 54th birthday is a great time to look back and reflect on all the memories from over the years. The Ultimate Birthday Book is a 12-by-12-inch hardbound book and comes with a 1 1/2-inch bronze coin and a 19-page timeline of events that took place in the 20th century and 10 extra pages for memories and mementos.

Massaging Bath Pillow

There’s nothing better than sitting back in a warm bath and relaxing after a long day’s work. The massaging bath pillow is a perfect gift idea for a 54 year-old's birthday. The massaging bath pillow is completely water proof and is conveniently contoured to cradle the neck area. The pillow comes with a remote control that has two speeds and has a suction cup attachment for the bathtub.