Birthday Prank Ideas

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A birthday is a time to celebrate, but it can also be a perfect time to add some fun and mischievous activities. Birthday pranks are especially good for those who appreciate a good sense of humor. A birthday prank should always be of an innocent nature and never harmful. Stand back and watch the birthday boy or girl being stunned and giddy by your unique birthday prank ideas.

Confetti Prank

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Buy around two dozen bags of birthday confetti. Fill a bucket full of confetti and secure it well to top of door frame. Rig the contraption to dump confetti on the birthday boy when he gets home or goes into a party. Another option is to place large amounts of confetti on top of fan blades in the main room the person uses. Ask the birthday boy to turn on the light for you. When he hits the switch, confetti will fly all over him.

Heavy Birthday Box

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Find a large cardboard box. An appliance box works best. Inside the box, put a note that says: "I just had to watch you picking up this 'heavy' box! Happy Birthday!" Wrap the box. Write "Fragile" on it. Weather permitting, sit the box outside or in a doorway entrance. While the birthday girl is watching, try your best to lift the box. Struggle and grunt while trying to pick up the box. Beg her to help you move the box to a chosen destination. Enjoy a good laugh as she looks puzzled that the box is so light!

Birthday Newspaper Switch

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You'll have to do some planning for the birthday newspaper switch. This is a great prank for a birthday person who enjoys reading the morning paper. Save a newspaper from several weeks or even months ago. Sneak outside and take the newspaper on the day of the birthday. Leave out the outdated newspaper. Be sure it looks like the new newspaper received each morning. Enjoy how long it takes her to realize you've given him an old newspaper. After a good laugh, give him the current paper.

Clock Switch

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After the birthday girl goes to sleep the night before her birthday, reset all the clocks in your home by two hours. For example, if it's 2 a.m., reset all the clocks to 4 a.m. Reset her alarm clock. Don't forget to reset computer clocks, cell phone clocks and electronic equipment clocks. She will panic that she's gotten up late! Fix her a nice birthday breakfast and cup of coffee with the extra time and give her a birthday present. While she's eating, reset all the clocks to the correct time.

Broken Remote Controls

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Buy electrical tape or colored duct tape. At the end of each remote control is a sensor. Cover the sensor with an appropriate colored piece of tape. You want the sensor covered but not noticeable. Each time the birthday boy tries to use the remote, it won't work because the sensor is covered. This is a fun prank for a birthday person who uses the remote a lot.