Gifts for a 43rd Birthday

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Although not as big of a milestone as hitting 40 or 50, turning 43 years old is still reason enough to celebrate. Choosing the right gifts for a 43rd birthday celebration requires knowledge about the person whose birthday you are celebrating, as well as knowledge about the significance of being in your 40s.

Activity Gifts

Give a gift that provides the receiver with an experience he or she will cherish and remember for years to come. This could be concert tickets, spa treatments, travel tickets or something else that allows the person to relax and have fun the way he was able to before the pressures of having a career and/or family. Give her a gift that will allow her to escape the grind of work and be herself.

Hobbies Rediscovered

Many people lose the time to indulge in passions they had when they were younger due to the pressures of adult life and work. Give a gift that can help rekindle someone's passion. The gift depends on the passion and interest of the person who is turning 43. This could be a guitar or other instrument, a paint set, sports equipment or something else that can encourage the person to reconnect with his interests.

Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are good to include along with the real gifts, as long as you know the person well enough to pull it off without offending him. Friends often give gifts poking fun at the age of the person turning 43. A pair of fake false teeth or a cane are possible gag gifts.