How to Make a Care Package for a Sick Friend

Figuring out how to make a care package for a sick friend is not hard if you take the time to think about what she is interested in. The trick is to fill your gift basket with presents that will cheer her up as well as give her something to do while she is recovering from her illness. There is nothing worse than boredom when confined to a bed, so help your friend by following these suggestions and making a care package.

Buy a pretty gift basket or present bag to put everything in. Make sure it is a larger one, you can always add more things to fill up the vacant space, but squeezing your items into a smaller container could lead to things being crushed. (Plus it just doesn't look as nice.) Don't forget the pretty tissue paper!

Buy or make a get-well card to cheer him up. Decide whether your friend would like one that is humorous, sentimental or religious. Make sure to write a handwritten message inside to make it special. If you can, create the whole card yourself for an even more personal touch.

Pick out some magazines to include in your gift basket. When thinking about how to make a care package for a sick friend, find some current magazines that you know she would love reading to catch up on the latest news or trends during her illness. There are publications out there devoted to every hobby, craft and interest. You can even get her a subscription for a present that keeps on giving.

Pick out a few books. Choose the latest novel by her favorite author or other reading material you know she'd love to get carried away with. One of the greatest things you can do for her is to offer an escape from her bed; reading can do just that.

Add some treats to her gift basket. When figuring out how to make a care package for a sick friend, don't forget her sweet tooth or salty cravings if that is the case. Including presents like her favorite candies, nuts and other foods gives her something to snack on while she's reading.

Pick out a pretty stationary set and a journal. If he gets tired of reading, he can always write thank-you notes and catch up letters to old friends. A journal also gives him a chance to vent about his emotions and feelings during his illness, even ones that he can't bring herself to talk about. Don't forget a pretty pen to go with them!

Put it all together and deliver the gift basket in person. After figuring out how to make a care package for a sick friend, collect all of your goodies and bring them to her bedside. The greatest present that you could give her is your time.