How to Talk to a Man in a Nightclub

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While a nightclub might not be the best place to meet the love of your life, you never know. In addition, talking to a guy in a noisy and crowded club can be much more comfortable than garnering the nerve to approach a guy in a more straitlaced environment. Develop the right strategies, and you'll be able to talk to a guy with ease, whether for a minute or an hour.

Be Prepared

Before you slip on your little black dress and head out the door, come up with some questions to ask attractive guys you'd like to meet, advises the popular psychologist Dr. Phil on his website. Thinking of icebreakers before you need to use them will keep you from becoming tongue-tied when you see a cutie you'd like to chat up. It is also a good idea to be well versed in several subjects so you can fill empty spaces within a conversation with something you know. Keep up with current events, and be prepared to discuss your hobbies -- such as where the best places are to snowboard, for example.

Focus on Him

Nightclubs are often rife with people seeking to draw attention to themselves one way or another. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by focusing your attention on the guy you like and make the conversation about him, not you, advises Dr. Phil. Make him feel as important as an A-list movie star. Ask him questions and pay attention to his answers. If he explains that he is showing a visiting friend around town, ask him where his friend is from and how they met and you will begin to build a connection.


When you are talking to a guy at the bar or on the dance floor, reach over and lightly touch his arm. You will be more likely to get a positive response, according to a 2010 study published in "Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal." Such touch apparently seems to trigger stronger "courtship intentions." Don't fall all over him, however, as he might interpret your intentions as an overtly sexual invitation. Keep it casual, and you will be more likely to walk away with his phone number or an invitation to meet up later on.

Be Cautious

The problem partying in a nightclub with a guy you do not know is that you could chat up a drunken creep. If this happens, walk away if the conversation becomes inappropriate or causes you to feel uncomfortable. Save your impromptu conversations for nights when you have had only a couple of drinks, lest your judgment be impaired, as plenty of men wait in the wings for the right moment to make an inappropriate advance toward a tipsy woman.