How to Mentally Entice a Man

A man's biggest sex organ isn't what he thinks it is. Instead, it's his brain. If his brain is attracted to you, his thoughts cannot but follow, because a man's mind does what his brain tells him to do. To mentally entice a man is, therefore, to bypass his thinking mind and appeal to his primitive brain.


Make a strong visual impression on your man's brain by dressing confidently in bright colors and patterns. Leave the mousy browns and hip blacks for women who already have connected with their partner and wear something striking and original: bright yellows, vibrant reds, passionate purples in bold, outrageous displays.

It is vitally important that you are wearing at least one accessory that he won't be able to keep from touching. This could be, for instance, a strikingly textured sweater, a pendant of something comical or wacky (I once saw one woman wearing a Pillsbury Dough Boy), or an incongruous add-on like a wrapped present or fishing tackle box. Again, the point is to bypass your man's mind and create tactile curiosity directly in his brain, knowing that his mind will follow.

Approach your male when he is with his social group, not when he is alone. Acknowledge him but make small talk first with his male (or female) buddies. Soon you will observe the man you are interested in looking at you with interest. Listen for something you have in common, like an interest in photography.

Activate his mental interest with a smile and a light touch. You are shortcircuiting his mind by appealing directly to his primitive, limbic brain. Be prepared in advance with some funny stories about yourself and your previous boyfriends and tell them to him when he begins to indicate interest. Soon he will indicate his interest in you by fondling or otherwise touching or asking about the outrageous accessory you have brought. This is his mind turned on by his brain.

As soon as you sense that he's intrigued and "hooked," begin to remove yourself from the venue by begging off with an excuse. (It's best if you really have another place to go, like to your sister's house to walk her dog.) If he asks you for your number, great, give it to him. If he doesn't, as you go, causally turn and ask him for his email, using the excuse that you and a friend might be going to a photo exhibition (or whatever relates to his interest) the next weekend.

Find a photo exhibit and a willing friend (male or female) and call him a few days before the event with a casual invitation. By now you have already broken the ice and indicated your interest to his unconscious brain; now you can entice him further by teasing him about his activities the last time you met and discussing the interests you have in common.

Finally, show up at the photo exhibit with your friend and have a casual time. Wear a different colorful outfit and carry a different outrageous accessory. Enjoy the exhibit and make sure you give just as much attention to your friend as to the guy. By the end of the event, you will have enticed him mentally because you will have cast a spell on his brain, the seat of his emotional engagement.