How to Dress Like Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash VIP Party

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Johnny Cash's iconic wardrobe proved that simplicity -- with just a touch of rustic flair -- stands the test of time. Though Cash was active in the country music scene from the mid-1950s to the early 2000s, his style remained fairly consistent, and was heavily based on his slicked-back, country-meets-greaser roots. A masculine look with a bit of a dark edge, Cash's personal style outlasted the transient trends of five decades.

The Man in Black

Johnny Cash was well known for sporting all-black outfits, which he immortalized in the tune "Man in Black." To emulate this look, turn to a black long-sleeve button-up, regular-fit black chinos or jeans, and black cowboy or Cuban-heeled boots. Black-on-black suits and high-collared trench coats fit the bill too, especially with embroidered details.

A Timeless Touch

When he wasn't sporting black, Cash often went rockabilly with rolled-sleeve work shirts and blue, cuffed denim bottoms in straight-leg or boot cuts. A white fitted button-up or snap-button Western shirt with khaki chinos and cowboy boots also stirs up his style, as does a crisp linen suit with Western-style stitching.

Accessorizing Accordingly

As he reached middle age, Cash sometimes accented his ensembles with a crucifix necklace or Native American-style turquoise jewelry. Choose a simple, masculine watch -- such as a square face with a metal or leather band -- for a Cash-inspired accessory. From the very start of his career, Cash completed his look with a high-and-tight pompadour, often worn slicked back in his youth.