How to Dress Like Travis Barker

Travis Barker is a professional musician best known for his role as the drummer in bands Blink-182 and +44. He is a fan of both hip hop and rock music. His fashion is a direct reflection of the effect both cultures have had on him. In 1999, Barker started his own clothing label specializing in streetwear called Famous Stars and Straps. It has been a complete success, garnering fans in the rap, rock, punk culture, as well as the surfer and skater scene.

Go for "skateboard punk" meets "hip hop enthusiast." Travis Barkers style is composed of baggy shirts, shorts and pants. He is always seen in street clothes; it is very rare to see him in anything but. His look is something you could wear at the skate park, basketball court or to a concert.

Buy from Famous Stars and Straps. The Best way to get pure Travis Barker is to buy from his fashion line. The clothes are inspired by his designs and what he would wear in his life.

Invest in baseball hats. Travis is always seen wearing baseball hats, whether they are from a team or his clothing line.

Wear DC sneakers. DC shoes are a huge part of Travis' wardrobe. He wore them so much that he actually collaborated with the company and designed his own shoe for them.