How to Wear Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

The Nike Air Force 1 shoe is named after the presidential airplane. According to, the Nike Air Force 1 has surpassed the Air Jordan as the best selling shoes worldwide. The Air Force shoe was introduced in 1982, but since then, it has become widely associated with hip hop culture. Rap star Nelly even incorporated them into a song, aptly titled "Air Force Ones." There are a few tips to wearing Nike Air Force 1 shoes in keeping with current trends.

Wear low-cut ankle socks with the shoes. Longer socks are not considered fashionable with Air Force 1 shoes, as they detract focus from the sneaker.

Wear jeans or basketball shorts with the Air Force 1 shoes, but avoid wearing khaki shorts or pants or other dress clothes. The shoes are supposed to be cool and relaxed rather than dressy.

Tuck the bottom of your pants into the shoe tongue. You do not want your pants covering the shoes.

Untie the laces but knot them at the end so that they don’t trail on either side of the shoe. Do not tuck the laces into the side of the shoe. Leave the velcro straps hanging. Do not fasten them.

Match the shoes with your other clothing or accessories, such as your hat, shirt or sunglasses.