How to Dress Like Stephen Colbert

The character of Stephen Colbert, created by the real Stephen Colbert, has become a cultural icon. The satirical political nature of "The Colbert Report" has made it one of the most popular shows on Comedy Central and made Stephen Colbert an American hero. Colbert's fashion is one thing that epitomizes his character, so here are some tips to help you dress like Stephen Colbert.

Get a good suit. Colbert wears classy, conservative suits from companies like Brooks Brothers. A simple black, blue or brown suit should suit you just fine. Be sure it is a good fit. Add in the occasional pinstripe suit if you want; just make sure any suit you wear is crisply pressed.

Use American-colored shirts and ties. A crisp, white shirt is absolutely the way to go. As for the tie, go for a simple blue or red one. Colbert sometimes strays from this, but usually you will find him looking quite patriotic. A navy blue suit with a white shirt and a red tie with white dots is a great place to start.

Wear a pair of Colbert's wire glasses. The rimless glasses have become a staple of the Stephen Colbert character and are often used as a prop on "The Colbert Report." If you already wear glasses, you just need get a pair similar to Colbert's. If you don't wear glasses, fret not. Just find yourself a pair of prop glasses, which will look as good as real glasses at a fraction of the cost of prescription lenses.

Strap on a WristStrong bracelet. The ultimate accessory to set off your Stephen Colbert attire is a Colbert-sponsored red WristStrong bracelet. The bracelet symbolizes your support to the awareness of the severity of wrist injury. You can purchase a WristStrong bracelet from the shop, and the proceeds do go to an actual good cause-the Yellow Ribbon Fund that supports injured military service members.