Ideas for Wedding Skits

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Give your wedding guests something to talk about at the reception other than the food and drink. A skit is a short play that is often funny. Your wedding skit ideas should be entertaining and funny for your guests, as the wedding reception is a time to have fun and celebrate the couple’s new life together. The skits can involve the newly married couple and members of the wedding party.

Movie or Show Re-enactments

Create a scene from a movie or television show. Use props you have made or purchased from a store. Play off the "Real Housewives" franchise for a skit named "The Even More Real Housewives." Create gossip and arguments that stem from meaningless things, such as the dress size the bride wears.


Create a dance routine that's loosely based on a popular music video, music awards show or movie. Include the entire wedding party in the dance routines, which will require a lot of people to accurately create. Since poker nights are common husband activities in some marriages, a dance routine loosely based on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video can become "Poker." Instead of singing "Thriller, thriller night," the performers will sing "Poker, poker night." Use cigars, cards and card tables as props for this skit.

Game Show

Choose someone in your wedding party to act as host of a game show. Choose others in the wedding party to act as contestants. The bride and groom also will act as contestants, either as individual players or team players. Recreate "The Newlywed Game," the decades-long game show where couples have to match each others' questions. Questions can include, "If your spouse could marry a celebrity male or female, who would it be?" and "What would you say your spouse said is your most annoying habit?"

Super Hero

Act out a scene where you and your spouse pose as super heroes, saving each other from situations that could arise in the marriage. Purchase your superhero costumes from a store, or make them yourself. New brides can fly in as Superwoman or Wonder Woman to save their husbands from a disastrous dinner preparation, trouble with doing laundry and difficulty cleaning the house.