Bridesmaids' Games for the Night Before the Wedding

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The night before a wedding can be stressful for the bride-to-be as nerves and jitters take over. Spending the night with her maid of honor and bridesmaids is one way to keep her mind off the big day, and playing games is one way to pass the time. It's also a good way for the women in the bridal party to get to know one another or bond. When planning the evening, consider keeping alcohol to a minimum so that everyone looks and feels their best for the wedding.

"I Never"

"I Never" is a popular game played as an ice-breaker at all types of parties. Begin by giving each guest a dozen chocolate kisses. Pick one person, such as the maid of honor, to go first. She begins by saying "I never" and follows with a statement of something she has never done. For instance, "I never had a baby" or "I never got fired from a job." Each person in the group who has done what the bridesmaid hasn't gives her one chocolate kiss. The player to the right goes next with her own statement. This game can generate a lot of laughs as it progresses and everyone tries to think of something she has never done and which most of the other women might have. This game can be played using alcohol instead of chocolates, and each woman who has done the "I never" drinks a shot.

Bridal Trivia

Beforehand, ask the bride at least 25 questions about herself, her fiance and their relationship. Some possible questions to ask: "Where did you meet?" "Where did he propose?" "What is his birthday?" Compile the list of questions and answers. Gather the women together and supply them with paper and pens. Ask the questions and have everyone write down the answers. Reveal the correct answers at the end and see who knows the bride and groom the best.

Scavenger Hunt

Head out on the town or to the local mall to see who can find the most items or complete the most tasks on a predetermined scavenger hunt list. If you're staying overnight in a hotel or someone's home, plan the list according to your surroundings. Tasks can include silly stunts like going to a fast-food restaurant wearing fuzzy slippers and curlers in your hair. The list can also include looking for specific items like a newspaper dated more than two days ago or neon-green nail polish. Divide into teams and set a time limit. At the end of the time limit see which team found the most items or completed the most tasks.

Making Commercials

Put five or six everyday household items into a grocery bag or covered container. Some ideas of what you can put in a bag are a can of soup, a stapler, a newspaper, a hairbrush and a dish towel. Make up several bags, all containing different items. Divide the girls into groups of two or three and have them select a bag. They leave the room and have five to 10 minutes to think of a commercial using all the items in the bag, and then they perform the commercial for the rest of the group. When they are done, the next group picks a bag and makes its commercial.

What's in Your Purse?

Before the party, make a list of 15 or so common and uncommon items you may find in a woman's purse. Assign each item a points value — giving less points for common, everyday items and more points for uncommon items. For example, assign two points for items like lipstick or a comb. Assign four points for less common items, such as purple lipstick or a snack. Award a higher value, like 10 points, for rare items such as playing cards or a glue stick. Read off the list of items and award the appropriate number of points for each item a woman has in her purse. See who has the most points at the end.