Wild Party Games for Adults

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Adults like to play games at parties too. To keep things interesting, a lot of adult parties feature wild games designed to keep adults entertained. Adult games ranging from mildly suggestive to completely outrageous offer you the opportunity to turn your next adult get-together into an event that will keep everybody laughing and coming back for more.

Cherries and Whipped Cream Hunt

Place a cherry, strawberries, or the fruit of your choice in a large bowl on a table in front of each guest. Fill the bowl with whipped cream and tell your guests to find the fruit in the bowl. Rules are simple. Your guests can't use their hands to find the fruit. They have to use their tongues. The first guest to find all the fruit is the winner and ends up with a face full of whipped cream. This is a messy, fun game for everybody.

Blindfolded Banana Feast

Guests should split into couples for this game. Blindfold the couples, give one of them a banana and have the other get on his knees. Have someone spin the one with the banana two or three times to make her dizzy. The standing blindfolded partner tries feeding the banana to the one kneeling. The person on his knees is not allowed to move. The first couple to dispose of the banana wins the game.

Roll the Ball

Roll the Ball is a couples game. Couples place a rubber ball between them, pressed between their stomachs. The object of this game is to wiggle against one another until the ball reaches the chin of the shorter partner in the couple. It's challenging and funny to watch.

Couples Trivia

Each person in a couple (married or dating) prepares a list of ten trivia questions pertaining to their relationship. Questions can range from what time was it when we met? Where did we meet? When was our first kiss? The couple answering the most questions correctly wins. Since the couples know the right answers, it's important for all players to be honest about whether or not they score a point.

ID Knee

Consenting adults play this game. Guests take turns in the different roles. First, the women sit or stand with their knees exposed. The men, blindfolded, have to identify the women in the room simply by touching their knees. When the men are finished identifying the women, roles are reversed. The player with the most knee IDs wins. This game is best played among very good friends.


Clothesline is for consenting and wild adults only. Break guests into two teams. The teams alternate removing an article of clothing and placing it on the floor between the two teams. The alternating goes back and forth, with each person who is next in line removing an article of clothing. The game stops when no one else is willing to remove an article of clothing. The team with the longest line of clothing wins.