Fun Coed Bridal Shower Games


Coed bridal showers (sometimes called "Jack and Jill" parties or showers) are different from traditional bridal showers in that the men are invited, including the groom. For this reason, games are usually geared toward couples rather than individuals. They also usually are games that will appeal to men, which means they can sometimes be raunchy. Choose games for your coed shower that will match the personality of your guests, and your coed bridal shower is sure to be a huge hit.

Silly Game

Play a silly game. In this game, the bride is blindfolded and guesses which leg, out of all of the men in the room, is her husband-to-be's leg. The game can be reversed to have the groom trying to guess the leg of his future wife. Ask the men in the room to roll up one of their pant legs to the knee. Have them stand next to each other. Then, make the blindfolded bride bend down and touch each man's leg to guess which one is her future husband's leg. This game usually provokes a lot of laughter and sometimes some raunchy comments as well, which makes it a better game for younger or married couples rather than for a shower featuring a church crowd or other more conservative group.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are an appropriate choice for a coed shower because they work well for any age group. One game involves preparing a list of trivia questions in advance. The questions might ask about favorite colors, TV shows, authors and the like. Print out one copy of the list for each couple. Hand the list to each man and have him guess how his wife or partner will answer. The man who answers the most correctly wins a prize. This game only works at showers where all of the guests are part of a couple. If your shower has some guests who are not part of a couple, play this game with the bride and groom only. Another trivia game that will work well at any shower is to prepare a list of 10 questions about the bride and groom's future 10 years from now. For example, ask how many children they might have or where they will be living. Ask guests to predict what the answers will be, then ask the questions to the bride and groom. The guest who answered the questions correctly (or had the closest answers) wins a prize.

Active Game

Play an active game to get guests up and moving if your guests have a sense of humor and don't mind things getting slightly raunchy. Blow up three to five balloons per couple. The balloons can be the same or can be different sizes. Ask the men sit in chairs and the women stand about five feet in front of them. Give the women each a bag of the five blown-up balloons. When the game starts, the women must grab a balloon, take it to her partner's lap and then try to pop the balloon without using her hands. Her partner must help her but cannot touch the balloon with his hands. Most women will put the balloon on the man's lap and try to sit on it to pop it. Whoever pops all of the balloons first wins.

Naughty Game

If your guests are very fun-loving and adult, try playing a game they won't soon forget. Hand each couple (or person, as this game can be played with singles) a small lump of Play Doh. Tell guests they must make either a man's penis or a woman's breasts out of the dough. Give them a time limit. At the end, have the groom judge which breasts are the best and have the bride judge which penis is the best. The "best" can be defined as the most realistic, funny or just plain interesting.