African-American Baby Shower Games

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Planning a baby shower takes a lot of preparation in order to ensure that the expectant mother has an unforgettable time. One of the most important aspects of a baby shower are the games the guests will play. When planning an African-American themed baby shower, you can include many games that focus on both the baby and the culture.

Find Your Other Half Ice Breaker Game

This game is a good way to get the guests mingling, especially if many of them do not know each other. Make pairs of name tags with powerful African-American couples' names written on them. For example, make one tag that reads Barack Obama and another that reads Michelle Obama. Other examples of couples could be Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith or Jay-Z and Beyonce. As the guests enter, place a name tag on their shirts. When the game begins, the guests should try to locate the other half of their couple.

The African American Name Game

Picking the name for a new child is difficult and names are very important in African culture. Help the mother-to-be learn about African-American names in this game. Give each guest a sheet of paper. Ask the guests to write down as many African-American names or African names and their meanings. Give them five or 10 minutes. When time is up ask the guests to read the names and meanings they have written down. Whichever guest has the most names that are not repeated on other name lists wins the game.

A Face Only a Mother Could Love Game

This game usually gets many laughs. Ask each guest to bring a baby picture from when she was little. Number the pictures and hang them on a poster board or spread the pictures out on a long table. The guests should spend some time looking at the pictures and at each other. Then, have the attendees guess which baby picture corresponds to each person in the room. You will probably hear many "ooh's and "aww's" from around the room.

Guess That Mom Game

List all the prominent African-American mothers that you can think of -- famous or in your circle of friends. Write clues about the woman such as for Maya Angelou: this well known author has written influential African American literature such as "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" and has one son. Put a blank line next to each clue for the guests to fill write the mother's name. The guest who answers the most correctly could win a small prize.