How to Host a Double Baby Shower

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Having a double baby shower can make sense in many cases. If you have two pregnant daughters, two coworkers due the same week, or your sister and her best friend are both expecting, you may want to plan a double baby shower. It could be to save money, allow the two moms to share a special day or to make it easier on the many overlapping guests who would attend both showers if they were separate. Whatever the situation or the reasons, a double baby shower can be a lot of fun if you plan carefully and respect the wishes of both mothers.

Check with both guests of honor before committing to a double baby shower. While it makes sense to have one shower if most of the guests overlap, some new moms-to-be may feel sensitive about sharing the spotlight for such a big milestone. Collect guest lists from both mothers.

Choose a theme for the invitations and decorations. Anything that incorporates both mothers will work—such as if they have a shared interest or hobby. If you know the genders of the babies, you can work those into the theme and décor. For example, if you know one is a boy and the other is a girl, you could decorate half of the room in pink and half in blue.

Create custom invitations. Even the best party store in the world will not have invitations explaining that the wives of your twin sons are due six weeks apart and you are having a joint shower for them. You can order them online from a custom printer, create your own with a computer program or hand make them with card making supplies from the craft store. Be sure to include gift registries for both mothers in each invitation, clearly labeled with the mom’s name.

Plan the double shower. Make a guessing pool for which baby will have a bigger birth weight and which mom will have a shorter labor. To feed the guests, set up two tables—on each table serve one mom’s favorite snacks and biggest cravings during the pregnancy. This is especially fun if the moms have had completely different cravings.

Make sure that both guests of honor get equal attention on the big day. Take turns opening gifts—if one opens all of her gifts first, the guests may be bored by the time it’s the second mom’s turn. Assign a friend to each of the moms. The friend can bring drinks and snacks to the mom so she can relax and enjoy her guests.