Questions for Guests to Answer in Baby Shower Games

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Many expectant mothers will have a baby shower. Besides eating cake and opening gifts, those who attend a baby shower will expect some sort of entertainment. To keep guests satisfied, ask a bevy of questions. As guests try to formulate answers, they will stay engaged and entertained.

About Mommy

Ask guests to write down or answer questions about the expectant mother such as the place where she met the father, the number of children she wants or even her favorite color or song. these questions will shift the focus from the baby to the mother and allow her to feel special.

Tummy Size

Guests can write down the mommy's estimated tummy size. After you have collected all results, wrap a string around the mother-to-be's stomach and measure. The guest who indicates the correct size gets a prize.

Baby Pictures

Ask your guests to email or send baby pictures of themselves. Print out all the photos you receive, and ask your guests to name the person to whom each baby picture belongs. The guest with the most correct answers receives a prize.

Baby Songs

Ask each guest to write down every song that has the word "baby" in its title. Limit the time of this activity to five minutes. To make it even more challenging, also ask each guest to recount who sang each particular song.

Baby Name Game

Make a list of baby names, and ask your guests to determine the meaning of each name. Include common, unusual and ethnically diverse names on the list. You can even include a list of celebrity baby names and ask your guests to identify the celebrity parent.