Blindfold for Bride & Groom Wedding Reception Games

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Wedding receptions allow the bride and groom to celebrate with their guests, and games can add fun and excitement for everybody. Guests often enjoy seeing games where the bride and groom interact. It can be fun to watch the bride and groom attempt to accomplish various tasks while blindfolded. Before planning or playing blindfold games, be sure that you have the full approval of the happy couple.


Blindfold the groom and have the bride sit in a chair. Give the groom a piece of food and spin him around a couple of times. The bride instructs the groom to come over and feed her the piece of food. Once the groom successfully feeds his bride, then she is blindfolded and must feed him. Avoid messy food like cake, barbecue wings or items dipped in sauces as they could ruin the bride's dress or her makeup.


This game is good for couples who enjoy wine or receptions held at a winery. The blindfolded couple participates in a wine tasting contest where they must guess the type of wine they are trying. An option is to blindfold guests and have them taste the wine. The winner could be given a bottle of wine as a prize.


Blindfold the bride and have someone place clips on the groom’s body such as the back of his neck or on his socks. During a slow dance the bride must find all the clips before the song ends. Involve all the guests by having them assist the bride by yelling out warmer or cooler. Next, have someone attach clips on the bride. Be careful not to harm her dress. During another dance the groom needs to find the clips hidden on her.

Guess Who

Blindfold the groom as he sits in a chair. Line up the bride with a group of people. The group could consist of men, women or a combination of the two. Each person in the line can kiss the groom on the cheek or shake his hand. The groom must pick out his bride. Another take on this game is to have the groom pick out his bride by touching a part of the person's body such as hair, face, arms, legs or feet. Next, it’s the brides turn to find her groom.