German Wedding Games

Bride and groom running

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German weddings often are filled with a variety of traditional games and activities. These wedding games often are planned and managed by wedding guests, allowing the bride and groom to remain carefree on their wedding day. If you would like to incorporate some German culture into your wedding, consider playing a traditional German wedding game.

Bride and Groom Games

Most German wedding games are meant to symbolize the bride and groom overcoming challenges together. As a result, these games often feature the bride and groom painstakingly working together to accomplish a goal. One such game involves a large heart drawn on a large sheet of paper. Guests hold the sheet in front of the couple and the bride and groom must cut the heart out before they can pass. To make this task exceptionally more difficult, the couple typically is given a small pair of scissors. Once the heart has been cut away, the groom traditionally carries his bride through the heart. The bride and groom may also be presented with a log they must cut in front of the wedding guests. Using one saw, the couple must successfully saw the log in half. Although this is more of a tradition than a game, it certainly provides entertainment for the couple and the wedding guests.

Guest Games

Guests often are asked to join together to create something for the couple’s new life. In many cases, this is a piece of art. A large piece of canvas will be presented at the wedding reception. Guests will be asked to paint or decorate one small square of the canvas. As each guest contributes to the piece, the canvas begins to fill up with unique and creative paintings. Once every square has been filled, the canvas is complete. The work of art is given to the couple to hang in their new home together. Another idea involves asking guests to entertain each other with their hidden talents. Whether guests choose to play a musical instrument, sing, dance or tell jokes, this interactive "talent show" is sure to keep guests busy. The bride and groom will judge the acts and award a prize for their favorite performance. Or, instead of giving a prize, the talent show winner must do something for the bride and groom, such as cook them dinner or send flowers on their first anniversary.

Kidnapping the Bride

A popular German wedding tradition involves “kidnapping the bride.” During the wedding reception, the groom’s friends will kidnap the bride and take her away from the reception. To do this successfully, the bride’s friends typically distract the groom during this time. Once the groom realizes his bride is missing, he must also leave the reception to find her. Traditionally, the bride will be taken to a local pub. The groom simply has to travel through the town, searching through various locations to find her. Once the groom finds the bride, he must pay the tab for his bride and friends.