Valentine Pictionary Ideas

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Pictionary is an entertaining game to play at any party because it stimulates the crowd and gives players a chance to get competitive. If you are hosting a Valentine's Day party, get your guests to participate in the excitement, playing Pictionary using Valentine's Day themes and words. To play, you will need a large drawing board or whiteboard, as well as markers.

Single Words

For your Valentine Pictionary game, make cards that contain single words on them for players to draw and teams to guess. The single words must be Valentine's Day related, such as "kiss," "Cupid," "sweetheart," "romantic," "proposal," "candy" and "love."


Valentine's Day phrases are harder for teams to guess, which makes the Pictionary game more exciting and competitive. On each card, a phrase must be written and the player has to draw it out on the writing board. Phrases can include "in love," "I love you," "be mine," "candlelight dinner," "box of chocolate," "boyfriend and girlfriend" and "together forever." The team has to guess the phrase exactly as it is written on the card in order for them to get the point for that round.

Candy Hearts

Rather than coming up with your own Pictionary words, let candy hearts do all the work. When it is the player's turn to draw for this team he dips his hand into a jar of candy hearts and pulls one out. The word or phrase that is written on the heart is what the player has to draw for his team to guess. The host of the party should do his best to minimize the amount of duplicate words and phrases in the candy heart jar, so that players are not drawing the same things over and over again.

Couples Turns

Since this is a Valentine's Day Pictionary game, put couples to the test and make them work together to draw the word or phrase for their teams. Couples will not get time to plan out an illustrating strategy. Rather, they must pay attention to what the other person is drawing and draw complementary images that will help their team guess the correct answer.

Blindfolded Couples

Another idea for making couples work together is for one person in the couple to be blindfolded. The one who is blindfolded also holds the marker and is the "illustrator" on the team. The person in the couple who is not blindfolded is responsible for moving the illustrator's hand with the marker on the drawing board to create the image for their team to guess. The blindfolded illustrator has to allow her hand to be navigated by her partner, so the two must work together to make the illustration possible.