Preschool Movement or Music Activities for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day inspires many different activities ideal for the preschool classroom. Movement and music activities with a Valentine theme tie in the holiday to the creative nature of the activities. Kids hone their fine motor skills while exploring music, rhythm and beat. Once Valentine's Day is over, you can easily adapt the movement and music activities to fit a more general theme.

Musical Hearts

For this movement activity, you'll need several hearts in different colors, one for each child. Each heart should be different from the others either in color or by placing a Valentine-related picture on each heart. The hearts are placed on the floor. You can either place them in a circle or scatter them around the floor. Create a set of cards with corresponding hearts. The kids dance around the hearts as music plays. When the music stops, each child runs and stands on a heart. Draw one card and display it. The child standing on the matching heart gets a small prize. The dancing continues as long as you want to play the game.

Musical Hugs

This music activity is similar to Freeze Dance. Play music with a love or friendship theme and ask the kids to dance around the room. When the music stops, the kids pair up and give their partners a hug. The music continues and the kids once again dance around. Other options include giving a partner a high five or giving them a compliment. This game embraces the kindness and friendship aspect of Valentine's Day.

Musical Heart Art

This activity incorporates art and music. Each child needs a large paper heart and crayons or markers. You'll also need a variety of music with different beats and overall feelings. As the music plays, the kids decorate the hearts based on how the music makes them feel. A fast song might cause them to scribble wildly while a slow song might make them draw with slow swirls. There is no right or wrong way for them to complete the heart art. The goal is to get them to connect to the emotional aspect of music while creating Valentine's art.

Ribbon Dancing

Each child needs a ribbon stick for this activity. An empty paper towel tube works well as the handle. Let the kids decorate the tubes with a Valentine's theme. This might include construction paper, paint, glitter and heart stickers. Add long ribbons in pink, red and white to the ends of the tubes. The color scheme reflects the Valentine theme of the activity. The kids then dance to Valentine-themed music holding their ribbon sticks. They can wave the ribbons along with the music.