How to Plan a Groom's Shower

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Plan a Groom's Shower. Brides aren't the only ones who like to be showered with gifts as the wedding day approaches. Groom's showers are a popular and fun way to honor the groom with the gifts he'll need to set up his own type of housekeeping. Power tools, lawn and garden supplies and grilling accessories all make great groom's gifts. Plan a shower that reflects the tastes and interests of the groom to be.

Talk to the "groom to be" and see if he is interested in having a groom's shower. You can call it something else if he doesn't like the idea of a "shower."

Consider how many guests you want to invite. The more you invite, the more gifts, but also the more expense to those giving the shower.

Decide what your theme will be. If the groom has a particular interest like sports or camping make this your theme.

Send out invitations to the grooms friends and family members. Be sure to invite male members of the bride's family as well.

Put together a menu of real "guy" food or consider doing a barbecue or pig roast.

Register the groom at stores where he likes to buy supplies. Camping stores, lawn and garden centers, home and hardware stores and computer stores are all good places to buy groom's gifts.

Plan your party around a special event or game depending on what the groom is interested in. A World Series Party, Superbowl Party or NCAA Playoff Party make great backdrops for a groom's shower.


  • Most bridal showers have a series of games and prizes for the guests. If you plan your party around an event, this won't be necessary. Most men would rather watch a game on TV than play one. Choose gifts for your guests that will be meaningful to them. Tickets to a sporting event or small tools would be great parting gifts.

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