Groom's Table Decorating Ideas

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Including a groom's table at your reception lets your guy share the spotlight with you and gives guests who don't know him some insight into his personality. This special table features a custom cake that’s typically smaller than the wedding cake, and holds props and accessories that tell your groom's "story." Grooms' tables are as varied as the men they recognize. You may want to prepare your table as a surprise, or invite your groom to select his cake and choose the theme.

Tie It Together

The groom's table needs its own theme -- one based on his interests, career or hobbies. His favorite sport or team may provide inspiration, as may the pastimes he most enjoys, such as reading, music, volunteering or travel. If the groom identifies himself more by the work he does, then create the groom's table around his profession, whether a chef, pilot, carpenter, teacher or healthcare professional. The theme dictates the colors and accessories you use to complete the presentation.

Cake and Eat It, Too

The centerpiece of the table is the groom's cake, decorated to the theme you choose. Select his favorite flavor and if budget allows, get a shaped cake to reflect the theme, such as a keyboard, hat or house; a less expensive route is to have the cake frosted in theme colors -- alma mater colors, for example -- and rely on accessories and props to convey the theme. Just as some couples opt for cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, you may choose his favorite dessert. Another option is to have a sweet that highlights the groom's ancestry. For example, if his family tree originated in France, make the French "croquembouche" wedding cake the groom’s cake.

Accessorized Focus

The tablecloth should coordinate with cake colors and the theme. Blue linen would suit a nautical theme for a recreational sailor, while green or brown burlap could accent a hunting or fishing theme. A white tablecloth with colorful tulle or a colored runner is an alternative that may blend with the rest of the reception decor. Decorate the tabletop with items that support the theme, such as an arrangement of miniature items that reflect your groom's interests. Place around the cake framed photos of him with you and family members, or candid shots of him in action at work or play. Plant and floral arrangements are other ways to tie together the theme. For example, a miniature tree that has birds sitting on its branches might be placed next to the table for a bird-loving groom.

Logistics and Other Food

Locate the groom’s table near but not too close to the wedding-cake table so the two cakes don't compete with each other. Consider serving your loved one’s favorite snacks, such as candies, chips and pretzels, from the groom's table. If he's a movie buff, popcorn is an good choice. No set rules exist for cutting or serving the groom’s cake; you may follow tradition and have slices individually boxed for guests to take home or serve it with the wedding cake. You both might ceremoniously cut the first slice after cutting your wedding cake, and let the caterer slice the rest and serve.