Valentine's Day Gifts for a Military Boyfriend

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All boyfriends, but especially men serving in the military, appreciate thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts from their loved ones. Whether your boyfriend is serving overseas or stateside, make this Valentine's Day special with personalized gifts, food, music and handwritten notes that show him you have eyes only for him.


Show your boyfriend that you know the way to his heart with a homecooked meal, if he’s on leave and can get away from base. If he can’t, bring a picnic dinner to him. Pack up candles, a bottle of wine or his favorite beverage and one of his favorite meals. Or, surprise him with breakfast in bed. Make pancakes or waffles in the shape of hearts or, a simple design that has significance to him. If he loves serving in the military, make pancakes that spell out his branch such as “U-S-M-C” or “N-A-V-Y.” If he’s serving overseas or in a location you can’t travel to, contact one of his favorite restaurants and try to have one of his favorite dishes from home sent to him where he’s stationed. Fill a care package with special snacks and other items that you know he enjoys.

Personalized Gifts

Send a personalized keepsake gift that has your boyfriend’s name or a special phrase shared between the two of you engraved on it. Consider something like an engraved compass. Retailers make them in the shape of hearts, but if that’s too mushy for your man, just give him a traditional pewter compass with his initials engraved on the back. Present it to him in a military keepsake box with his branch of service emblazoned on the front inside or outside cover. The benefit of giving a compass is that wherever your man is, he will know that you can help him find his way.

Homemade Gifts

One of the best ways to show your military boyfriend you care is by taking the time to make a nice gift for him. One idea is a jar filled with little messages from you. Buy a large acrylic vase or jar in his favorite color from your local craft store and fill the bottom of it with coffee beans or a wrapped hard candy that he enjoys. Create small, heart-shaped slips of paper from card stock or construction paper. On the inside write 10 words or so telling your boyfriend something you appreciate about him, favorite memories or things you look forward to doing when the two of you can be together again. You might also make a photo collage of favorite shared memories and frame it with a mat that you can write a special message to him on.

Books and Music

Make a few music play lists or CDs for your boyfriend to listen to on his MP3 or CD player. Make romantic, funny and upbeat play lists for him and make one filled with just his favorite songs or ones you've shared. You might pair the music with a homemade “message in a bottle” for him: your message, on a piece of weathered paper put into a corked wine bottle, telling him all the things you love and appreciate most about him -- or else funny stories to make him laugh. If he’s a military war hero or history buff, give him a new book by his favorite author or about one of his favorite topics.