Alternatives to Flowers for a Man

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Men may or may not appreciate a bright bouquet of flowers. Find man-appropriate alternatives to floral gifts for the man on your gift list. Give a man an alternative to flowers for the same reasons men give flowers to women, for any occasion or for no occasion at all. Keep surprise in the equation. Deliver your nonflowers to his home or his work. Let the man in your life -- husband, dad, boyfriend, brother or friend-- know you are thinking about him with the right gift. Floral alternatives can be as affordable or as expensive as you like.


Bouquets can include so much more than flowers. Edibles make thoughtful gifts you can customize to a man’s preferences. Give a man a bouquet of fruit with dipping chocolate. Order a bouquet of cookies for a boss or a boyfriend. Send a tray of imported cheeses, sausages and gourmet chocolates.


A man you know might appreciate a potable alternative to flowers. Send a beer-lover a tub with bottled brews arranged on ice for his immediate gratification. Give a man with a soft heart a plush animal holding a bottle of champagne and two flutes. He might enjoy a personalized bottle of his favorite whiskey. For the man who drinks softer beverages, give a basket with samplers of fresh coffee beans arranged around a coffee grinder.

Fine Smokes

People still smoke and some men like to light a good smoke after a meal or with friends on guys’ night. Give your male a box of cigars made “totalmente a mano” – by hand. A box of Dominicans or Cubans should do the trick, giftwise. Present a pipe smoker with a new pipe and a bag of his favorite tobacco.