How to Make Your Man Feel Special

Couple toasting wine in restaurant

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Women often get most of the romantic attention, but that doesn't mean men don't need it. It doesn't take much to make your man feel special. If you're willing to go the distance, there is no doubt he will feel like he holds an important part of your life. You don't have to do something grand to make him feel like he's worth it.

Tell your man why you love him as often as possible. Let him know all the special little things you love about him, such as the sound of his laugh or the way he cooks a hamburger. “A guy needs and wants to be reminded again and again why you love him,” notes couples therapist Jamie Turndorf, author of the book, “Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First).”

Compliment him, and let him know you're proud of him and all that he does. Tell him when he does something well. Talk to him about the qualities that make him a dedicated and responsible worker and a caring and trusted partner. "Men are still trying to get their mothers' approval, and you represent that feminine approval," says psychologist Alon Gratch, author of the book "If Men Could Talk: Translating the Secret Language of Men."

Show him that you miss him and think about him when he's gone. "Corny as it sounds, if the woman puts a note in his briefcase or calls him up at work just to say how much she's looking forward to making love that night, it can really make a guy's day," says psychologist and marriage counselor Ronald Goldstein.

Ask for his advice on important matters. Talk to him about your concerns, and listen to what he has to say. Show him that you value his opinions. Similarly, when your man helps you out with physical tasks, don't forget to tell him how much you appreciate his help and that you couldn't have done it without him.

Practice small acts of thoughtfulness. Rent a movie you know he will like, or pick up a package of his favorite brand of cookies. If he's had a hectic day at work, offer to give him a foot massage or make him a cup of coffee the way he likes it. "Actions like that touch his soul," says Pat Love, Ed.D., author of the book "The Truth About Love." "He thinks, 'You've been watching me. I'm important to you.'"