How to Honor Parents at a Wedding

Whether your parents are still living or deceased, honoring your mother and father during your wedding ceremony or reception is a nice sign of appreciation. Start your own wedding traditions by honoring your parents through speeches, poems, small gifts or simple gestures. You can honor both sets of parents as the families officially join together on your special day. Read on to learn how to honor your parents at a wedding.

Read a poem or letter dedicated to your parents during your wedding ceremony. A nice touch is for the bride to read about the groom's parents and then the groom read about the bride's parents. This gesture will honor the unification of the families.

Duplicate your mother's bridal bouquet. Find some old photographs of your parents' wedding. Give the photos to your florist to design a similar bouquet.

Include framed pictures of both sets of parents on the guest book table or the cake table at the reception hall. If your parents are divorced, place a photo of the bride and groom with your father and another photo of the bride and groom with your mother on the table.

Give a handkerchief, flower or small gift to your mother and the groom's mother when you reach the altar. If you give flowers, your florist can add them to your bouquet but make them detachable. Handkerchiefs and small gifts can be held in the groom's pocket until you reach the altar. Then both of you can present them to your mothers.

Tell your officiant to mention any deceased parents or grandparents in a special prayer during the ceremony. Make a note in the program honoring the deceased and recognizing their influence in your lives.

Hold a special brunch the day after your wedding ceremony to honor your parents. Treat them as the guests of honor at the brunch and give a speech thanking them. Present a small gift to each of them.