How to Give the Groom His Wedding Band

Wedding bands are the symbol of a marriage. The exchanging of rings is one of the highlights of a wedding ceremony and something every guest, bride and groom looks forward to. If you are sticking to tradition, there is a set way the bride should give her groom his wedding band.The steps are easy to follow but they are very important so you can continue the tradition and make sure your photographer is able to capture some amazing pictures.

Make sure the maid of honor has the groom's wedding band before the ceremony. If not, give it to her for safe keeping. Many maids of honor will put the ring around their thumb to keep it safe since their dress will likely not have pockets and they already have a bouquet of flowers to hold.

Follow the tradition. Traditionally, the groom says his vows and gives his ring to the bride first. So after the groom has put the ring on your finger your officiant will ask you for your ring. Turn to your maid of honor and ask for the ring. She will hand you the ring.

Place the ring in your right hand, and hold it between two fingers. Take the groom's left hand in your hand. Repeat the vows as your officiant says them.

Look into your groom's eyes and then at his hand. Slip the ring on his ring finger (the one closest to the pinky). Take your time so the photographer and guests can snap a photo of the ring exchange.