How to Wear an Army Saber With Wedding Dress Blues

Man dressed in camouflage in front of truck

Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

During a military wedding, the groom may want to wear an Army saber with his wedding dress blues. Although no Army uniform regulations exist regarding the wearing of swords or sabers, you should follow certain techniques and tips. With a bit of caution and preparation, wearing an Army saber with dress blues during the wedding ceremony can be an excellent way of honoring the groom's military service.

Check with the clergy who will be officiating your wedding ceremony to determine whether they will allow you to have your army saber inside the building. Some clergy will not allow you to have weapons of any kind inside the buildings or on the grounds. It is important to know their rules and regulations before bringing your army saber to the ceremony.

Place the ceremonial belt around your waist once you are dressed in your dress blues. Wear the saber on the left side, shifted slightly toward the back. The saber chain will attach to the metal post of the saber guard. According to, the scabbard will attach to the saber chain by a hook and clip. The hook should attach to the top scabbard loop, while the clip will attach to the low scabbard loop. The hand guard of the saber should be resting against your body.

Wear white dress gloves while wearing the army saber with your dress blues. While a solider is under arms ceremoniously, he should always wear white dress gloves. You can remove the gloves during the ceremony -- the best man can hold them -- however, you should put the gloves back on once the wedding ceremony ends.

Stand at “attention” during the wedding ceremony. Stand with your back straight, your legs together. Your heels should be touching, but your toes should be angled slightly away from each other. Hold your arms at your sides, the hands held slightly behind the seams of your trousers. Thumbs should be tucked slightly into your fists.

Be cautious while wearing an army saber during your wedding ceremony. The tips of the blades are sharp. Do not draw your sword at any point throughout the wedding ceremony or wedding reception.