How to Put Medals on a Military Uniform

U.S. Military Joint Chiefs of Staff

DOD/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Typically, military ribbons and medals on a military uniform vary from uniform and situation. A standard working or service dress uniform will show ribbons on the left breast of the jacket or shirt. According to the Army and Navy Uniform Regulations, a service dress uniform worn for social functions and some ceremonies will carry full-size medals. A dress mess or formal dinner dress uniforms will carry miniature medals on the left side of the jacket.

Service Dress Uniforms

Wear full-sized medals on a service dress uniform from right to left. A second and third rows of medals will not contain more medals than the row below it. Line medals in order in accordance with uniform regulation medals "Order of Precedence" chart.

Wear-full sized metals above the left breast pocket of a male member’s service dress jacket. Line four medals and hang on a medal bar. Center a second or third bar over the bar below it.

Wear full-sized medals on a woman’s jacket centered on the left side. The bottom row of the medal needs to line up parallel to the bottom of the nameplate on the opposite side of the jacket. Use a wood ruler to line nameplate and medal up across the jacket while laying flat.

Dress Mess or Formal Dinner Uniforms

Wear medal miniature on the dress mess and formal dinner uniforms. Mount miniatures on holding bars as with the full size medals. Line the miniatures side by side from right to left. Center the top row of miniature medals over the first row. Center a second row of miniatures so that the medal hangs between two medals on the first row.

Wear medal miniatures on the left side of a male’s dress mess uniform jacket. Wear miniature medals centered on the left of the left lapel.

Wear medal miniatures centered on the left side; pass the left lapel of the woman’s dress mess uniform jacket. Place the medals bottoms do not drop below the top of the first button on the jacket . Use a wood ruler to line medals with button while laying flat.