The Army Regulations for a Female in Class A

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Females wearing Class A uniforms are required to follow the guidelines set forth in Army Regulation 670-1 (The Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia). Measurements for ribbons, badges and other accoutrements on female Class A's must be precise. Female soldiers are permitted to wear pants or skirts with Class A uniforms; however, this is generally at the unit commander's discretion.

Blouse and Jacket

Female Class A uniforms include a green or white long-sleeved blouse, a black neck tab and a green dress jacket. Green blouses are generally always acceptable, but white blouses may be required for formal occasions such as Army balls, and this is at the unit commander's discretion. Rank insignia for soldiers in the pay grades E1 to E4 must be worn on the collar of the blouse and on the sleeves of the green jacket. The jacket must also be adorned with campaign ribbons, unit citations and skill badges.


All soldiers are given orders permitting them to wear the Army Service Ribbon, the Global War on Terror Ribbon and the National Defense Service Ribbon upon graduation from basic training. As more ribbons are earned, they are placed on a ribbon rack on the left breast of the female Class A uniform in order of precedence. The order of precedence is outlined in Army Regulation 670-1, "The Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia."

Special Skill Badges

Special skill badges, such as Airborne or Air Assault, must be centered and placed 1/4-inch above the female soldier's ribbon rack. No more than five special skill badges may be worn at any time, and each combination of badges are placed according to the order outlined in AR 670-1. Combat badges (Combat Medic and Combat Action) are placed above special skill badges.

Marksmanship Badges

All soldiers must wear the appropriate marksmanship badge (marksman, sharpshooter or expert) centered and 1/4-inch below the bottom row of ribbons on the left breast of the Class A jacket. If a soldier possesses a driver's badge, it is worn beside the marksmanship badge and both are centered.

Skirts, Pants and Shoes

Female soldiers usually are permitted to choose between wearing a skirt or slacks in the Class A uniform. However, formal occasions (such as military balls) require a skirt. This decision is often at the unit commander's discretion. When wearing the Class A skirt, Army females are required to wear nude-shade pantyhose. Black patent leather shoes are required with both pants and skirts. However, shoes worn with pants must be flat with laces, while those worn with skirts may be closed-toe, 3-inch pumps, which are not considered "trendy" or "faddish," according to AR 670-1.