How to Deal With Strict Parents

Parenting is a tough job that does not come with a rulebook, so parents have to make their own rules. They may have the best intentions when they discipline you, but some parents can be so strict they curtail a child's independence and growth. Dealing with those strict parents can be difficult, but it is far from impossible.

Analyze your own behavior. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Sometimes the parents' actions are a result of something you have done. If a change in your own behavior can help the situation, start making adjustments.

Explain how you feel. Frank conversation with your parents can help alleviate a tense situation. List any incidents that demonstrates how your parents have acted too strictly and refer to it during the talk. Stay cordial, not confrontational. Levelheaded conversation can solve more problems than intense arguments.

Seek the help of others. Friends, family and a respected adults(such as a teacher or guidance counselor) can advise you on how to deal with difficult situations. They can offer a different perspective because they aren't too close to the situation. You also may be able to enlist them as mediators.

Examine the relationship of your parents to their parents. Parents learn much of their behavior from their parents. Examining this dynamic can offer some perspective as to why your parents act the way they do.

Consider therapy. A therapist or counselor can offer professional help and help you through the tough times. Ask your parents about the possibility of therapy and tell them you have reached a point where their strict behavior has reached an intolerable level. Just asking might make your parents see the seriousness of the situation. You can seek counseling on your own, but this is an expensive proposition.