How to Deal With Siblings That Cause Drama

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Getting along with siblings is a task in itself, but some siblings can make life a little more difficult by causing drama. Drama is a crisis situation or conflict created by someone. When a sibling causes drama, the household may be on edge and unhappy. Drama has no place in family life. There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with siblings who cause drama.

Understand your sibling's point of view. You do not have to agree with anything your sibling says, instead focus on figuring out what other problems are bothering her. If you are able to determine that there is something else going on with your sibling, address those issues and not the ones that are causing the drama at the current time.

Limit contact with your sibling when you feel that drama is occurring. If you feel as though you are being rude, simply say that you are busy and can't talk for too long.

React to the drama in a positive manner. Stay calm and do not cause more drama with your sibling by reacting negatively. It will only make the situation worse and more dramatic.

Redirect the conversation when you have to deal with your dramatic sibling. Acknowledge your sibling's anger and frustration and then redirect the conversation to a positive subject.

Detach from your sibling until situations can be handled without drama being created. If you feel that your sibling will not change, change how you think about things. Instead of focusing on what he is saying, focus on why you feel negatively about the drama. Focus on your own emotions instead of those of your sibling.