How to React When Friends Gang up on You

Friends are for the most part supportive and loyal, but there times when they can gang up on you. They usually do this in jest or maybe you earned it to some extent, but this does not make you feel any better about it. To deal with this and possibly reduce its frequency, you must react properly when your friends are ganging up.

Talk to your friends about why they are ganging up on you. Sometimes it is just a simple misunderstanding, or through conversation you may realize that you were in the wrong. Either way, open and honest dialogue can be an effective reaction.

Examine your own behavior. Self reflection makes it possible to see if in fact you were the cause of the issue. Too many times we assume the fault lies in others and react without pause. This reaction without thought and introspection not only damages relationships but stunts personal growth.

Talk to someone with no stake in the outcome. People with a vested interest in a disagreement can give you perspective and allow you to see another side of the argument.

React with calm and forethought. Reactions of anger and reproach almost always end in confrontation and will likely injure your with your friends.

Pay attention to your body language. Even though your words indicate you are a reasonable person not looking for confrontation, your body language may say something else entirely. Have your body relaxed and don't get too close to the other people when speaking to them. Keep your arms to the side of the body and open. Finally, smile and don't make facially expressions that signal anger or exasperation.